Rebel Saints

Welcome to Rebel Saints Meditation Society

Meditation in the Heart of the City. At Rebel Saints Meditation Society we practice insight meditation, also known as mindfulness or Vipassana, the central meditation teaching of the Buddha. Combined with the heart practices of lovingkindness, compassion and forgiveness, insight meditation develops our natural wisdom and the ability to see life as it is. We welcome all who are interested.

Inspired by the Dharma Punx movement and the Against the Stream Buddhist Meditation Society, we are American Buddhists rooted in the Theravada tradition and inspired by the wisdom and compassion teachings found in all Buddhist traditions.

Since 2014 Rebel Saints Meditation Society Seattle has been bringing the meditation teachings and practices of the buddha to the city of Seattle and beyond. We are a registered non-profit organization dedicated to this task.

Rebel Saints Meditation Society holds two weekly Meditation Classes, monthly dharma talks and In-City retreats. In addition, we bring visiting teachers to Seattle and hold residential multi-day Silent Retreats both in the PNW and around the country.

Rebel Saints has hosted Refuge Recovery Seattle meetings since 2016. This is the revolutionary addiction recovery program for all addictions based on the Buddha’s 4 Noble Truths and 8-Fold Path as our program and the organizational structures of successful 12 step recovery programs as our form. We hold three weekly Refuge Recovery meetings and host the state Refuge Recovery organization.

We are located at 1423 10th Ave Studio 9 in the Pike/Pine corridor of our beloved Capitol Hill Neighborhood.

We are easily accessible by all public transportation with the light rail station three blocks from our door...

You will find us by walking down the ramp and entering thru the red door..